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Laminar Flow Storage Cabinets:

Cleatech Laminar Flow Storage Cabinets with a low noise integral HEPA filter/blower module feature double full-height access doors provide a clean environment for storage of material. Our Laminar flow cabinets provide a particle free storage space which exceed class 100 cleanrooms standard.

In polypropylene construction are available with Clear/ Amber acrylic or static-dissipative PVC doors. Polypropylene provides excellent chemical resistance.

Our Cleanroom Laminar flow cabinets like Cleatech laminar flow hoods incorporate 99.99% efficient HEPA Filter or 99.999% efficient ULPA filter modules that remove particulate airborne contamination to meet cleanliness requirements.

These vertical laminar flow storages are ideal for applications which are not hazardous to the operator but require a clean work area.

Meet Class 100 Cleanroom  Classification US FED STD 209E equivalent with  ISO 5 on ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards

Our laminar flow Storage Cabinets provide a clean environment ideal for storage of the pharmaceutical, medical material , food  any other products where clean conditions are required to protect them from airborne contaminants.
     Polypropylene body structure & 12" Height epoxy powder coated steel Stand

    Double full-height access doors in choice of Acrylic, Static Dissipative PVC

    Six permanent shelves with perforated holes allow air distribution throughout the cabinet

     Consists of a Certified Fan Filter module. Meets IEST recommended practices. low sound, low  
      watts Measuring only 50 dBA. Running at only 240 watts @ 90 fpm 490 CFM @ 250 Watts

    HEPA Filter rated 99.99% efficient or ULPA FFUs, rated 99.999% efficient @ 0.12m particles

    Static Dissipative pVC door prevents electro static charges and has a good chemical resistance
General Construction:
Polypropylene Cabinet & epoxy powder coated steel stand
Side Panels:
Transparent PVC side windows
Washable polyurethane foam
Final Filters:
HEPA: 99.99% efficient @ 0.3m particles or ULPA: 99.999% efficient @ 0.12m particles
Fan Motor:
Direct drive, forward curve, centrifugal-type with sealed bearings; rated for continuous duty; furnished with overload protection and a two-speed switch. Rated .25 HP @ low speed; .333 HP @ high speed (2' x 4' models)
Average airflow velocity:
90 feet/minutes (fpm)
Air Flow:
650 4-Feet Model; 480 3-Feet Model
Sound level:
50 dBA, measured no more than 30 from filter face @ 90 FPM
110VAC, 50/60Hz or 220VAC, 50 Hz. Meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes. All components UL listed and CE marked
Particle count exceeds Class 100 requirements.



    Lockable casters for large capacity cabinets enhanced mobility

    Upgrade to  ULPA Filter 99.999% efficient at 0.12m particles

    Minihelic gauge (0 - 3 Water Column)  monitors pressure differential when
    it exceeds the limit, it
    indicates the  need to replace the HEPA filter(s).



Product  Code Description Overall Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
Shelf Usable Space
W" x D" x H"
1000-4-A Polypropylene Cabinet with Clear Acrylic Door 49 x 26 1/4 x 70 * 23 7/8 x 24 3/8 x 13.5 Click
1000-4-B Polypropylene Cabinet with UV Amber Acrylic Door 49 x 26 1/4 x 70 * 23 7/8 x 24 3/8 x 13.5 Click
1000-4-C Polypropylene Cabinet with Clear Static Dissipative PVC Door 49 x 26 1/4 x 70 * 23 7/8 x 24 3/8 x 13.5 Click
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Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet  Class 100 Cleanrooms. Portable  laminar flow storage cabinets provide particle free environment  Cleatech is manufacturer of  Vertical  and Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets , Cleanroom Laminar Flow Hoods, Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstations, Laminar Flow clean benches, Laminar Flow Benches which used in Laboratories and Cleanroom.
Class 100 Cleanroom ISO 5
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